Vroovy to launch official game ‘Airlift’ on Android

New Delhi, Jan 23 (ANI): Vroovy is all set to launch an Android version of the in-game lead role of Akshay Kumar in the rescue game with taps and swipes, Airlift. The character is meticulously modeled after the real life actor Akshay Kumar from the movie Airlift.

Offering eight levels with 16 missions and 48 tasks to be accomplished, the game is made to defeat the enemies and rescue trapped civilians.

Airlift-The Rescue is a 3D air fighter combat game where a player will be faced with an increasingly large number of 3D enemies and bosses both on the ground and in the air.

Being an air fighter combat game, it offers in-game currencies and purchases like the health, main cannon, secondary cannon and missiles, rescue equipment, including power-ups like the rocket barrage, shield and shockwave bomb. (ANI)

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