Wall along LoC will be `safe proposal`: Defence Expert

Bhopal, Sept. 25 (ANI): Defence expert Major General (retired) S.R. Sinho on Friday said that a wall constructed along the LoC will be a safe proposal as it will reduce the entry of terrorists from Pakistan’s side to India.

“I think it is time India has thought of it the best way to put an end to all these things is to construct a wall along the border. I think this will be a quite safe proposal at all if the wall comes along the LoC. This will further reduce the entry of the terrorist from Pakistan’s side to India,” Sinho told ANI.

“We have constructed fencing, spending crores and lakhs of rupees on our sides of border, the Pakistan has no business to talk about it. They cannot stop it. We can do anything what we like on our side of the border,” he added.

Sinho further said that the proposal has been done because fencing has not been proved sufficient to stop the terrorist activities across the border.

“The civilians and the people of Kashmir are suffering in spite of creating a fencing across the border, but Pakistan is not relenting,” he said.

Pakistan has strongly protested against the reported move of India to raise a wall on the Line of Control (LoC) between the two nations.

The wall is likely to be at least 197-km-long, 10-meter-high and 135-foot-wide. (ANI)

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