Want to devote 90 per cent time to direction: Jodie Foster

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Los Angeles, Aug 3 (IANS) “Candleshoe” fame actress Jodie Foster, who moved on to direction from acting quite a long time ago, says there’s a lot to explore in the field.

On Conan O’Brien’s show, Foster said: “I made a decision. I used to act 90 per cent of the time and direct 10 per cent of the time.” Now, I want to do the opposite.”

The 55-year-old actress has directed films including “The Beaver” and “Money Monster”, as well as helmed episodes for Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”, “House of Cards” and “Black Mirror”.

Foster also revealed the kind of parts that would persuade her to get back in front of the camera, reports hollywoodreporter.com.

“I want to enjoy myself. I’ve never had to learn how to do anything hard. I’d like to learn how to be a javelin thrower, or play violin or speak Italian. I’d like to be good at something, I’m not really good at anything,” said Foster.

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O’Brien then took the opportunity to joke, and said: “You’re going to get all these roles for being an eye surgeon and you’re going to disappear for two years and come back an eye surgeon.”

“I’d just like to be an expert at something that’s useful then I’d like to stop doing it and never do it again,” she responded.

Foster promoted her film “Hotel Artemis”, in which she plays a nurse at and proprietor of a secret Los Angeles hospital for criminals.



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