Want to fuse electronic music with Bollywood sound: DJ Sumit Sethi

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New Delhi, June 22 (IANS) DJ-producer Sumit Sethi, who has arranged and progammed hit songs for films like “Roy”, “Hate Story 2” and “Kick”, says he wants to fuse elements of electronic music with the “quintessential Bollywood sound”.

“My idea is to infuse the elements of electronic music with quintessential Bollywood sound and present a heady concoction of the Sumit Sethi feel,” Sethi told IANS.

“Festivals like Bollyland (which I have performed in the past), which advocate and promote concept of Bollywood and electronic sounds are surely one of the best ways to broaden people’s horizons about this genre of music,” he added.

Sethi is all set to perform at the IIFA Stomp Mulafest in Madrid, which will mark his third appearance at the festival.

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“This is the third time I am performing at IIFA with the previous two being at Bangkok (2008) and Macau (2013). I am really excited and looking forward to perform at IIFA Stomp Mulafest in Madrid with a stellar line-up and this Indo-Spanish initiative, in my opinion, will open new doors for the popular sounds from India abroad and continue to open doors for Bollywood music internationally,” he said.

He also has a special performance lined up for the event.

“For my performance at IIFA Stomp Mulafest in Madrid, I have created a never-seen-before act with international dhol players, among other highlights,” Sethi revealed.

Sethi also worked on the song “Dalinder dance” from the film “7 Hours To Go”, where he tried to offer something new to the audience.

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“‘Dalinder dance’ is a fun-filled song sung brilliantly by Hanif Shaikh, with a spark of electronic music. The track is an all-in-all Bollywood masala with a mass appeal. Also, with this song I have ventured into different genre-infusing electronic music with Bollywood commercial masala with a hope that listeners like it,” he said.

Talking about his upcoming projects, Sethi said that he will present more songs, which will feature some big names from India and Pakistan.

“Music is my passion and presenting it to people through albums and gigs is something I absolutely love to do and live for. In the past I have done ‘Punjab Project’, which was my tribute to our culture and rich heritage. I am soon planning to release ‘Punjab Project 2’ really soon,” Sethi said.

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“I shall present more songs with a fresh feel, these will feature some legendary Punjabi singers from India and Pakistan. ‘Punjab Project’ is about some great collaborations, intended to bring back the spotlight of Punjabi folk music,” he added.



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