Warning on Hurricane Mathew flood cars entering market

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LOS ANGELES — Abandoned cars submerged in floodwater line the streets where Hurricane Matthew left its devastating wake inFlorida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. In one of the worst floods in North Carolina, the damages are already estimated to be the higher than even the benchmark Hurricane Floyd flood in 1999, which cost $3 billion in damage and claimed a tragic 35 lives as of the latest report.

As thousands of cars are submerged underwater, still more have sustained tremendous damage from the floodwater.   Yet many of these cars, which are technically totaled, will be “cleaned up” and dangerously find their way back to the road with salvaged titles.  After disasters like Hurricane Matthew, the need for a VIN check is especially imperative for consumers shopping on the used car market.

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Moshe Ma-Yafit, director of VINCheckPro.com, said, “We extend our deepest condolences to all of the victims of Hurricane Matthew, and we hope for an expedient recovery in all four southeastern states.  As the floodwaters subside, we are offering a first free VIN check, which will protect buyers and identify which cars may have been flooded and totaled during Hurricane Matthew.”

A car that has been flooded is very dangerous to drive.  Even if it appears to operate, the wires and plugs are compromised, creating a tremendous risk for electrical fires on the road.  A car does not need to be submerged to be totaled.  If the water level rises above the car’s flood board, there could already be serious damage to the electrical wiring – in addition to the corrosion, rust, and mold that can begin forming.  Even if water simply enters into the tailpipe, the catalytic converter can be damaged.

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Ma-Yafit added, “Because their electrical components have been compromised, flooded cars are very dangerous if they are resold.  It’s only a matter of time before the electrical or other systems break down, making flooded cars a mortal hazard for the driver and others on the road.”

About VINCheckPro.com:  VINCheckPro has created a method for quickly and accurately searching vehicle records based on the VIN. Information includes critical data, such as vehicle history, title information, odometer readings, hidden damages, total loss & more. – PRNewswire

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