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Warning to restaurants as one hit by dine-and-dash pros in Calgary

A popular Calgary-based restaurant called JP’s Indian Bistro was hit by six dine-and-dash professionals who left behind a tab of over $200.

Over the weekend, Khushboo Ghosh, co-owner of JP’s Indian Bistro, was working on Saturday evening with one of her servers when the six men walked in at about 7 p.m.

The men were served, received excellent service but when it came time to present the bill, things looked strange.

Ghosh told her server to hand the group their bill and tell them the restaurant was closed for the day, but she says they became evasive and said they weren’t done eating.

“We said, ‘Just pay the server and we’ll create a new tab’ but that was when they said, ‘We are going out for a smoke break.’ Six of them, together. I said, ‘No, sorry, I need you guys to pay first.’”

All of a sudden, one of the men ran out of the restaurant and Ghosh went after him.

“I ran after him and chased him. I got a hold on one of the guys, but he was probably bigger than me, so he pushed me, and I lost track.”

Returning to the restaurant, Ghosh found the rest of the men had disappeared. She immediately contacted the police.

“I called 911 and told them this is what happened. The cops were here, and I explained to them what happened.”

Ghosh has since posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page about the incident and has gotten some tips about the identities of the men involved.

Usually when businesses hit by such crime, owners pass on the losses to the server, but Ghosh won’t do that to her employee. She hopes what happened to her will serve as a cautionary tale for other eateries in the area.

Dine-and-dash is a common phenomenon and has known to happen occasionally in Toronto. -CINEWS

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