Water sports in vicinity to be banned during BRICS event: Goa Police

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Panaji, Oct 6 (IANS) Water sports in and around the BRICS venue and five star hotels hosting heads of states and their entourages here will be temporarily banned as a precautionary security measure, a senior Goa Police official said on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Deputy Inspector General V. Gupta said that the measure had been taken by the state administration, to ensure that water sports, especially boats, para-sailing equipment and jet-skies are not used by suspicious elements to breach security.

“The temporary ban on water sports activities is a precautionary measure taken by the district administration. Water sports activities are held near the beach and access can be obtained by sea. To ensure this does not happen and suspicious elements do not take advantage of this and come close to the venue, we have asked hotels to temporarily stop these activities during BRICS summit,” he said.

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The BRICS summit is expected to be held here October 15-16.

“We have a multi-layer security set up. Near airport, hotels and the venue and around it. To esnure that there is no threat via land, air or sea, we are trying to set up foolproof security with help of Navy and Air Force,” Gupta said.



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