‘We are as always optimistic’: Mukerji on India’s bid for permanent UNSC seat (Update)

New York, Sept. 24 (ANI): India’s Permanent Representative in the United Nations, Asoke Mukerji, today made it clear that New Delhi would push for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council during the 70th session of the UNGA.

“We are as always optimistic and with that optimism and self confidence we will assume that the process of negotiation, which begins in the early part of the 70th session of the general assembly, should conclude as our Prime Minister’s call with a concrete outcome at the end of the 70th session of the general assembly, which is on the 14th September, 2016,” Mukerji told the media here.

“Every year this negotiation happens at a particular time in the general assembly. This time, it is in the first half of November. After that, the speed of the progress depends on the member states,” he added.

Mukerji further said that the main focus of the G-4 Summit is going to be to build on the recent decision of the general assembly by consensus to move into a specific text on the table and begin negotiations on the text to arrive at an outcome on the reform of the UNSC.

“This is the main purpose of this meeting. The leaders will decide during this meeting on the way forward, I am told that there will be an opportunity for the media to cover this meeting and to also get an outcome from the meeting and we will wait for the meeting to address those issues,” he added. (ANI)

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