We face lots of problems: Nepalese journalists

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Ghaziabad, June 7 (IANS) A group of Nepalese journalists on Tuesday recounted the practical problems they face in their country while engaged in professional work.

At a meeting attended by Ghaziabad officials and journalists, members of the visiting delegation complained about poor communication network and transport in Nepal.

Despite these and other handicaps, they said that reporters posted even in remote areas of Nepal showed great enthusiasm in filing stories.

The 31-member delegation of the Federation of Nepali Journalists from Tanahun district attended a round table conference organised by the Ghaziabad administration.

Federation President B.D.R. Adhikari highlighted the cultural bonds between Nepal and India.

Tanahun, he said, was the birthplace of Aadi Kavi Bhaanubhakt Aacharya, who translated the Ramayana into Nepali language.


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