‘We have to be receptive to ideas’, says PM Modi

New Delhi, Sept.4 (ANI): On the occasion of Teacher’s Day on Friday, Prime Minister Modi said that the citizens of the country should be receptive to ideas.

“If with a receptive mind, we meet people, everyone influences and teaches us something. I was always a curious child,” said the Prime Minister during an interaction with students at the Manekshaw Auditorium in the national capital.

Responding to a student’s question on what constitutes a leader, Prime Minister Modi said, “A leadership quality needs to be developed to be a leader. When you establish that, people are affected.”

He also said that when you reach a certain level of standing in society after years of toil, there are accompanying problems that also have to be dealt with (Badey banney ka baad takleef hota hai beta).

Responding to an Imphal student’s desire to make a career in politics, Modi said, “Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad opinions about people in public service, about politics in general. Politics has acquired such a bad name across the nation, that now, people don’t want to engage in it or be a part of it (Desh mei rajneeti ki itni badnami hui ki log isme jaana hi nahi chahatey)”

He also said, “I have been inquisitive by nature since childhood. I used to spend a lot of time in the library where I read works of Swami Vivekananda, which left a mark on me.” (ANI)

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