We should be more outraged by taxes rather than tariffs

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Pradip Rodrigues

Much of the Canadian news cycle was dominated largely Trump and ofcourse we got a taste of the rare streak of Canadian jingoism. Many Canadians bristled with indignation at the way US President Trump threatened to slap tariffs on Canadian exports. An online poll conducted by Abacus Data between June 1 to 6 — after Trump’s tariffs announcement but before trade tensions erupted at the G7 summit revealed more than half of 2,200 respondents said they would avoid buying U.S. wines, while 35 per cent would be turned off by a “made-in-America” label. Nothing like a bit of good ol’ patriotism, the only trouble is living without a “Proudly Made In The USA” label is very easy, boycotting American owned products and companies is another story. Most American products are manufactured overseas in any case.
One very patriotic Canadian on my Twitter feed was calling for a boycott of American goods until I made a mischievous suggestion that in order for a boycott to have painful consequences… for American companies and shareholders, Canadians working for American companies should protest by offering to resign en mass. That would show them, eh? The outraged Canadian who is a manager at an American-owned giant retailer fell silent.

Whatever happened to the #deleteFacebook movement
Not so long ago, many Canadians I met were outraged over the personal data scandal involving Facebook. I distinctly recall Canadians vowing to delete their accounts. The #deleteFacebook movement was trending but something strange happened a few weeks ago- Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) reported arguably its best earnings report ever and I have yet to meet anyone who deleted their account over that issue. Infact ironically all this talk of boycotting American products and companies is being conducted on online platforms like Twitter and Facebook, both very American companies!

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News channels should focus on reality
News channels these days have become more entertaining than ever before and a lot of the news seems to be wishful thinking like speculating that President Trump will be out of office by the end of 2018 and other television news channels reporting that angry Canadian consumers are starting to shop “Trump-free.” That means Canadian consumers are boycotting U.S. products, companies, travel.
I don’t think we are soon to see headlines like “Starbucks Canada closing stores because of Canadian boycott.”
#BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts, #BoycottUSA, and #BuyLocal trend on social media will end like most trends with the Americans barely flinching.

Canada needs America more than the other way around
Why would they? The world needs America more than the other way around, including China, at best it is a symbiotic relationship. China is an export driven economy that would see its economy flounder without access to its largest market, America. Canada accounts for under 20% of America’s total exports. The United States accounts for 80% of Canada’s total exports.
Canada imported a total of $98.9 billion in products from the US in the first four months of 2018.
The number of Canadians crossing the US border fluctuates depending on the dollar exchange rate. Everyone I know who has ever shopped in the US wax lyrical about the fantastic deals on clothing, alcohol and other products. Over the years I’ve heard patriotic Canadians who have complained more bitterly about Canadian sales taxes and other tariffs than even President Trump. “Damn it, even milk and cheese is much cheaper in the US,” said an acquaintance who often goes across to fill up cheaper gas and get groceries. The thing about American dairy products would resonate with President Trump!
For years Canadians have revelled in their anti-Americanism, even when times were good and thousands of Canadian jobs were being created as a result of NAFTA and trade with the US.
Canadians have never had to really question the value of America and the benefits of having them as our southern neighbor. For the first time in decades, Canadians have been forced to consider the role of the USA and how any change could negatively impact our economy and standard of living.
Boycotting American companies and goods will barely hurt the American economy, consider for a minute life if we decided to boycott American inventions for a month. Forget about foregoing an American vacation, we would have to start with ditching the car, the aeroplane and hold your breath, even the internet!

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Better value for money
Millions of Canadians vacation in the USA not because they aren’t patriotic, they are simply practical. An American vacation destination offers so many more options and better value for money, period! I have heard Canadians living in Toronto all their lives who’ve never traveled to the Canadian west coast. However these same Canadians have driven along the Pacific coast in California and regularly visit Florida and New York. Rather than simply be all outraged by tariffs being threatened by President Trump perhaps we should save a little of it for our own Canadian politicians and bureaucracy that has made the cost of everything more expensive in Canada, including housing! – CINEWS

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