Weak boundary walls enclose Bihar Regiment in Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 18 (IANS) The winding boundary walls here of the Bihar Regiment, which suffered the worst in the terror attack in Kashmir, appear vulnerable, even a cursory glance at the complex reveals.

The regiment has a sprawling complex close to Saket, Khanpur and Pushp Vihar in south Delhi and its main gates open to the Mehrauli-Badarpur road — one of the busiest in the capital.

Residents living in the vicinity say the boundary walls of the complex need urgent repairs to make them stronger and, possibly, impenetrable for those who may want to infiltrate.

An IANS correspondent who drove around the site on Sunday found the apprehensions mostly justified.

The situation is in sharp contrast to the way the Bihar Regiment ensures security around its Regimental Centre at Danapur, about 10 km west of Patna on the Patna-Buxar highway.

There, vehicles plying along the complex on the highway are forced to slow down to 20 kmph.

Motorists who violate the rule are “punished” in various forms, according to an IANS correspondent who has driven through the area numerous time.

The Bihar Regiment centre in south Delhi, however, presents a contrasting picture.

Here, people walk on the pavements close to the boundary walls, which are about five feet high with barbed wires on the top.

Every 100 meters sentry guards have been posted and they keep a watch on outside movement.

But vegetation abuts the boundary walls, adding to security concerns.

The boundary walls themselves look shoddily built, with the plaster peeling off at some places, exposing the inner bricks.

Also, in a few places, the iron roads on top of the walls which hold together the barbed wire are bent.

People inside buses on the roads outside can easily see the inside of the camp because of the low height of the boundary walls.

One resident who lives nearby said the boundary walls must be strengthened at the earliest.

Fifteen of the 17 soldiers killed in Sunday’s terror attack on an army camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir were from the Bihar Regiment. The other two were from the Dogra Regiment.



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