West Bengal, Orisha fight over ‘Rasgulla’ origin

New Delhi, Sept.8 (ANI): Rasgulla or Roshogolla, as commonly pronounced in Bengal, is waiting for its fate to be decided after West Bangal and Orisha raked up a fight over the sweet belonging originally to their respective states.

The two states have asked Chennai to decide on the Geographical Indication Tag that the sweet would get.

As the fight between the two states emerged, West Bengal government has started the procedure of sending the concerned documents to Chennai to get the outcome.

Bengal minister Sashi Panja has raised the question as to why it took so much time for the state government to claim the sweet’s origin.

“Researcher and writer Haripada Bhowmik author of the book ‘Rosogolla’ is clearly proving Orissa claims to be wrong. He has supplied several documents to the State Government to prove rosogolla originated from West Bengal,” said Panja.

However, Haripada Bhowmik is waiting for the final report from Chennai. (ANI)

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