West Bengal: Six arrested carrying snake venom worth 100 crores

Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), June 27 (ANI): Six people were arrested on Saturday with snake venom worth Rs 100 crores at Jalpaiguri’s Belakoba town.

The venom was seized from the arrestees who were on three motorcycles trying to smuggle the venom to Bhutan.

The venom was stored in containers inside the schoolbags that they were carrying.

“We got information that some people were carrying cobra venom. We have arrested six people in this case. The containers in which the venom was hidden have been made in France and are bullet proof,” said Sanjoy Datta, Forest Ranger of Baikunthapur division.

“From here they were planning to smuggle the venom to Bhutan. We will interrogate them and find out the international racket involved,” he added. (ANI)

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