West doesn’t like China as it is sick of competition: Daily

Beijing, Oct 20 (IANS) Western countries don’t like China as they have a “mentality of being sick of competition, while hoping to safeguard their vested interests”, a state-run Chinese daily said on Tuesday.

The emergence of China has not posed any threat to Europe, nor has China stirred up any trouble in the West, maintained an editorial in the Global Times that appeared on Tuesday, a day when President Xi Jinping began his state-visit to Britain.

“The reason why Western countries do not like China lies mostly in the mentality of being sick of competition, while hoping to safeguard their vested interests. But if any nation holds such an attitude toward emerging countries like China, they would go against the trend of the times and drift further away from opportunities,” said the editorial.

The daily said not just China-Britain relationship, “but also ties between China and the Western world will experience a special breakthrough”.

The British government has used the term “golden time” to describe future ties between China and Britain.

“This is so far the most optimistic description from most Western countries over their relations with China. The attitude revealed exceeds the past boundaries of China’s diplomatic relations with the West, while indicating that a new political norm between China and the West is about to be kicked off.”

The editorial said that when it comes to policy toward China, Britain bears no geopolitical burden.

“Compared with other members of the EU, the trade volume between China and Britain is not the biggest. But London has intentionally come to the forefront of developing friendship with China, because it has realized the strategic importance of getting one step ahead and it is trying to count China in its big picture of revitalizing its glory.”

The daily added that the West “needs to rediscover China”.

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