What are children up to this summer?


Some parents worry about their children experiencing what is called the summer slide syndrome. It occurs when children stop learning all summer and remain idle.
So they put them in reading camps, send them off to intensive private tuition or classes. Other parents seeking to use summer as the opportunity to expose their children to other experiences enroll them in indoor/outdoor activity camps. Can-India asked a cross-section of students about their summer plans.

This is my last summer before I start a new chapter in my life: university. I am traveling to India to visit my family, and reconnect with the culture. Living in Canada, it is so easy to get caught up in all things Canadian, that we
forget there is a world outside of here and we are in some way connected with it. Over the years living in Canadian society, one often forgets the intricate values of Indian society. Going to India and spending time with my grandparents and family emphasizes and instills those values again.
During this visit, I plan to travel all over India. This experience will connect me to locals and give me a new perspective on life there. It will also give me an insight to the internal conflicts ongoing in India. This will help me appreciate my life here in Canada more.
Ria- High school graduate

I am currently at Brock University at a Team Ontario training camp for Volleyball, for further selection of Team Canada. This is serious training by ex-Olympic world class Canadian players and Canada level coaches who are training us to develop skills to play at higher levels. If selected at the province level, I will have to go to another training camp for selection into the nationals. This summer I plan on concentrating on volleyball. It is my passion.
Pranshu- Grade 11 student

I am currently enrolled in the Child and Youth Worker program at Sheridan College, Oakville. I have enrolled in summer courses so that next year, during my second year coop program/placement, I will have less load for theory class. Besides going to class all day, I have a part-time job at LA Fitness where I work with kids. So my summer will be very busy.
Shivani- Student

I plan on going to summer school for two weeks and then the plan is to also participate in a Sikh summer camp in Oshawa. I am also looking forward to going out on short family outings to places like Ripley’s Aquarium and Lion Safari. There will some days that will be boring, but she will hopefully find out to do something. One of her other plans is to complete her swimming lessons and join a sports club such as soccer.
Jasleen- High school student

I am planning on working on my soccer skills as I am a total soccer fan and for that matter any kind of sports.
I also plan on playing for the Sikh sports club and the Brams Untied girls soccer club. I also plan on getting my G-1 license. And who knows if I am lucky I might even get my “dream sports car”.
Noor- High school student

I am going on a two-week family vacation to planning on going to Miami for 2 weeks and then to Disney Land with his half sister for couple weeks or maybe 1 month. Those are the only things he is planning to do all his summer. He might as well just spend rest of his summer doing nothing, maybe go out with his friends or just sit home and watch movie. He is looking forward to what else he can do in his summer.
Darsh, High school student

This summer I plan to work on myself growth. I am completing this goal by using a website called Coursera. Coursera’s mission states “We provide universal access to the world’s best education”. Coursera is a platform for students of all ages, all over the world. It includes everything from Psychology of Popularity, Introduction to Marketing to Public Speaking. It allows you to learn from world class professors and universities at your own pace on a certified level.
Bani- Middle school student

This summer I plan to focus on athletics. I really want to go on bike rides through the city and discover new things. My biggest goal for this summer is to get my bronze star swim certificate. I plan to push myself and to absorb everything I learn so that in the future I can become a lifeguard. I like to focus on my athletics because it gets me out if the house and off of technology.
Haley- Middle school student

Summer break is one of the main things people look forward to each and every year. I am also one of those people who believes summer break is a time that I can spend on myself. For instance, this summer, I’m planning to prepare myself for high school and grow out of my comfort zone as high school will be a drastic change in my life. I believe doing this will be beneficial in many ways.
Namya- Middle school student

This summer I want to start my volunteer hours assisting at my karate dojo. There, I will be helping out the Sensei with classes. I will be aiding the children, doing the warm ups and making sure that everything is running smoothly. Not only does this allow me to get started on my volunteering hours for high school, but it allows me to improve my leadership skills. I’m very excited to start assisting this summer.
Sorina- Middle school student

This summer, I am headed off to Kenya for about 3 weeks with the organization Me to We/ Free The Children. This Canadian organization builds school, wells, and clinics to build sustainability in villages all over the world. I will join 25 other youth to build a school in a small village in Kenya. I chose to go on this trip not only because I will be making a physical difference in the Masai community by providing them with a means of an education, but also because it introduces me to a different culture, a different perspective and a different lifestyle.
Being born in an upper middle-class family in India, and then moving to Canada has exposed me to a privileged lifestyle. We tend to forget how lucky we are to have clean hot and cold water ready at our disposal, or a free education, or electricity at a flick of a switch. Living with the local community in Kenya will help me realize how it’s like living with the minimum bare necessities. I will come back valuing my life.
In addition, it also exposes me to different cultures and traditions. While in Canada we get exposed to many different ethnicity groups and cultures, travelling exposes you to traditions and lifestyles of people that you cannot experience under your own domain. It helps establish the bigger picture; that there is a lot more to the world than your little bubble. Plus, living with strangers and meeting new people along your travel helps you gain different perspectives, and understand human nature.
My trip is focused around poverty. To see it in media, and to see it for real are two different things. It helps you understand why the cycle of poverty exists and the true meaning of sustainability. I think travelling is the only thing that can help you understand the importance of being a global citizen. My trip with Me to We to Ecuador two years ago established this for me, and I hope to learn more about our world during this upcoming trip.
Tasha Shah- Grade 12

Contributed by Bani Arora and Jasleen Kaur

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