What does it take to be happy?

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When most of us think about what makes us happy, we tend to focus on the things in life that we crave or long to own. In the new year, Can-India asked a few people about their idea of happiness and what truly made them happy.

Robin Singh- Student

Yes, I am happy because recently I moved to Canada. Here I came to know about different cultures and their values and belief. Here I interact with different people from different countries working together at same place without any discrimination. Well I like the way of living here like I am doing now like I am working and studying as well.
How I find happiness is as follows-:
• Visiting natural places makes me feel happy. For example, places like water falls, beaches, hilly areas.
• Reading books.
• Playing outdoor games.
• Dancing and listening to music
• Working out at gym
• Spending time with my family and friends
• Watching movies

Pankaj Kapoor- Government employee

Happiness for me is a state of being and about being self-aware.
One of the principles I follow is being friendly which means being generous with time and hospitality to those around me. It is about being willing to make the first move socially while recognizing that others may be a little slow to warm up and that the rewards of friendship are not always immediately enjoyed.
I have also realized that being able to offer a sunny disposition to the world, regardless of your inner state, actually encourages you to physically feel better. Smiles are contagious, too, and if we are able to find the energy to offer our own smile to others, even when our inner world is falling apart, we are going to feel better when our smile is returned. Seeing someone offer you a genuine smile has actually been found to be emotionally and mental healing.
Offering compassion to others is another act that positively influences me. When we accept others’ shortcomings or cut others slack for their own wrongs or missteps, we are actually valuing humanity over someone else’s personal flaws.
I have realized that by being happy I am able to enjoy a less stressful life. Plus, I am a lot more fun to be around.

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Neena Verma- President NGO, Shubh Helping Hands

Happiness is not a thing which can be found anywhere. Either you are happy or you are not.
You can have big home, luxury cars or money, these things cannot give you happiness. We always try to make other people happy but not ourselves. We have to find happiness within. Only happy person can give positive vibes and happiness to others. I find happiness by giving unconditional love and support to needy especially vulnerable seniors. My happiness lies in bringing a smile to someone.

Anu Vital- Entrepreneur

To be happy you need to practice “being happy”. Let’s imagine each moment as a muscle in our body. We must then learn to exercise that moment fully; it may start out with pain or struggle situation and then as you work through it and accept the moment fully “just as it is” – you realize that it converts you first into peaceful position, followed by a happy state.
You don’t find happiness – you create it. This elusive thing called happiness exists in all moments, but to find it – first, you have to stop looking for it! Ironic as it sounds it doesn’t exist in any specific, place, thing or person. We have all been told from a young age that you will “find happiness” when you do something, or meet someone and buy something. And yes, we all do experience the happiness of momentary pleasures on a daily basis, and that is fantastic. However, if you want to hold onto this feeling of happiness, you have to work from inwards out. It’s all about what we tell our brain to do – practice collaborating with your mind for a happy state and the rest will follow.
My new book – Create Happiness by Being SPPPFFy(TM) is available on worldwide sale via Amazon now! It will teach you how to design moments of joy and to live life fully in those very moments. It provides an easy to follow, step by step methodology aimed at daily internal investments in YOU to guarantee the result of valuing your authentic self and improving on it to become a better version of the new you every day. You can have all that you want in abundance – love, wealth, health, a happy family and lots of loving friends. It also teaches you how to “create happiness” in the now moments so that you can live a more fruitful life for yourself and the world around you. – CINEWS

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