What to do if you lose your smartphone


The senseless shooting death of 18-year-old Jeremy Cook, a Brampton resident trying to retrieve his lost smartphone should be a lesson to teenagers in particular not to put themselves in dangerous situations when trying to retrieve their smartphones.
Most smartphones now have device tracking tools like Find My iPhone or Where’s My Droid that use GPS to locate your phone in case it goes missing.Touchscreen smartphone with Earth globe
Jeremy Cook was fatally gunned down this week after he traced his missing phone to an address in London, Ont., and confronted three men in a car, an argument followed, the men started to drive away, Jeremy jumped on the car, he was shot multiple times.
“It’s great technology, but be mindful if it’s taking you to an unfamiliar location,” said Const. Jeniffer Sidhu, a spokeswoman for the Toronto Police Service. “Do not confront them.”
Today when a person loses a phone, it isn’t just a phone but a part of them. It contains photographs, text messages and other information that is very private and irreplaceable. Teenagers are in particular very attached to their phones and it is this very attachment that makes them vulnerable to trying to do anything in their power to get their missing smartphone back.
Here are a few tips.

  • Know your device’s serial number (IMEI)
  • Before your phone even has a chance to go missing, you should find out your international mobile equipment identification number, or IMEI. If lost, give the number to your service provider or local law enforcement agency.
  • File a police report
  • You should also contact your local law enforcement agency and file a report that includes your IMEI.
    Don’t confront potential thieves
    If you do decide to use a tracking app and find yourself in a situation where you have located your phone.
  • Learn to let it go

In the end, if the police can’t or won’t help find your missing phone, let your insurance plan cover the loss — and if you don’t have insurance, the best thing to do is accept your phone is gone. It is certainly not worth risking your life to get your phone back. Get over it instead.

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