When Ryan Reynolds was considered a ‘moving target’

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Los Angeles, Feb 18 (IANS) “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds says there was a time when he was considered a moving target.

The actor has shared how growing up with three older brothers prepared him to play Wade Wilson, aka Marvel’s Deadpool, reports people.com.

“It’s intense when you’re the youngest of four boys,” Reynolds, 39, said.

“You sort of cultivate all these other aspects, survival aspects, that you wouldn’t normally cultivate, you know, being the oldest.”

He continued: “It’s something I always related to and I think that’s why I connected to the character 11 years ago. As a kid, I was the youngest of four boys. I wasn’t considered a younger brother, I was considered a moving target.”

Reynolds, who plays the role of a “kind of hyper-funny, hyper-violent, but very meta” superhero, admitted that growing up in a house full of boys wasn’t exactly easy, but proved to be beneficial.

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“The way I stayed alive was with my mouth because I’m not going to win with my fists,” he said. “I felt like I was sort of rehearsing for ‘Deadpool’ from the get-go.”

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