Where is PM’s ‘Achhe Din’, people want ‘Purane Din’: Nitish (ANI Exclusive)

By Smita Prakash

Patna, Oct.29 (ANI): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday said that the Narendra Modi-led regime at the Centre has failed to deliver on its ‘Achhe Din’ promise, and has left the people of India wanting a return to their ‘Purane Din’.

In an exclusive interview to ANI, Nitish said, “This government has not achieved success on any front, be it international, diplomatic, economic and or social sector. All the promises that they had made in the last 17 months, have not been fulfilled. This government has failed on each and every front. “

“For how long will the people wait for the so called Achhe Din? The people have now been joking that Prime Minister Modi, keep his Achhe Din and return their Purane Din. At least then we could have our pulses at less than Rs.200 per kilogram,” he added.

“So, you can now see that what people think about Modi ji. In our nation, the most consumed source of protein is Dal only. And, it is also the essential item of our daily meal. You (BJP) are not able to control its production or its delivery to the people,” said Nitish.

“When you (BJP) were asking for the mandate in last year’s general elections, then you were blaming the then government for not taking immediate and appropriate action on the escalating prices of essential items. Now, I am asking that you are in power and what are you doing about it?” he added.

Nitish’s criticism comes despite several measures being taken by the government for increasing the availability of pulses through banning their exports, extension of zero import duty on pulses and also import of 5000 tonnes from Price Stabilisation Fund.

To increase production of pulses, the minimum support price for urad and arhar have been increased to Rs.4,625 per quintal and for moong dal to Rs.4,850 per quintal.

A recent high-level inter-ministerial meeting took major decisions like creation of a buffer stock by procurement and imports of pulses, strict action against hoarders and black marketers, bearing transportation, handling and milling charges of imported pulses.(ANI)

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