Why Aishwarya Rai prefered not to meet Dalbir Kaur before “Sarbjit” shoot

Mumbai, April, 17 (CINEWS):¬†Aishwarya Rai Bachchan passed by the vision and story gave by executive Omung Kumar to her part of Dalbir Kaur in “Sarbjit” and picked not to meet the genuine lady, whom she is depicting on screen, while get ready for the character.aish sarbjit

The 42-year-old performing artist is playing Dalbir, the sister of Sarabjit Singh, in the biopic on the Punjab-conceived Indian detainee. He was in prison for more than two decades.

“We (Dalbir and I) don’t have a striking resemblance yet Omung Kumar (executive) was clear he needed me to do it. We had Dalbirji on board, for referencing of her part we had media which had archived things about her… So we took that to gage characteristics. I have not invested energy with her before shooting for the film… I didn’t meet her ahead of time,” Aishwarya told columnists here at the trailer dispatch of ‘Sarbjit’.

“When I am playing genuine characters it is vital for me to stay consistent with chief’s vision and account. I have not sat and viewed everything of hers but rather I have stayed genuine. The woman who has experienced hardships for a long time either can get in shape or go other path round (put on weight), Dalbirji has a mole and we have kept that.”

The “Devdas” performing artist demanded she holds up to paper such capable characters. “As performers we sit tight for chances to paper a character completely. It is critical to wind up a character and I generally do that… It is essential for me.”

At the point when Kumar drew nearer Aishwarya for the part of Dalbir she instantly gave her gesture. “We as a whole are acquainted with what happened (with Sarabjit) we do get influenced and bothered yet we don’t as a matter of course pause for a moment to experience it. It is about how an occurrence can change the elements of a family.

“Dalbir battled for more than 23 years for her sibling’s discharge. This sort of kin adoration is uncommon. It is honorable soul. This story should have been told,” she included.

The model-turned-performing artist felt an association with Sarabjit’s life as she had marked an appeal looking for his discharge from Pakistan jail.

“Dalbir’s character and story was solid. It is uncommon that we see such kin responsibility and connection. It is some sort of heavenly calling that I did the film. I recollect an appeal (looking for arrival of Sarabjit) was going around and the letter came to me for mark,” she said.

“The minute Omung recounted to me this story I said yes as by one means or another his life and my life had crossed as I had marked the appeal. He came to India however in pine box.”

As indicated by the “Dhoom 2” performer, the film is one of the speediest ventures. “It (film) has happened because of a solid story, the executive, maker and craftsmen on board who made it go ahead screen. Be that as it may, the force lies in the script. The essayist made a decent showing with regards to. As a group we as a whole put forth a strong effort.”

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