Why are Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor distant?

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Rishi Kapoor…”I don’t think Ranbir will be a father like me.”

What’s up with Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir?

Kapoor Senior says there is a yawning gap between the two. During a recent chat show, Rishi revealed the aloofness he shares with his son.

According to a press report, the actor said that despite there being much love between the father and son, there was often a semblance of a ‘glass wall’ between the two.

He was quoted as saying, “We can see each other but not feel anything. I don’t watch his films. I have stopped watching his films. I become very analytical of him and therefore I don’t follow the film, just his acting.”

He added, “Now that we don’t live under one roof, there’s more communication. But he talks to his mother more than me. But I don’t think Ranbir will be a father like me.”

Ranbir’s mom Neetu Kapoor added that the two are awkward when she isn’t around. She was quoted saying, “They need me to break the ice. I have to be there in the house for a conversation to happen between them.”

These things are hard to explain, obviously! – CINEWS

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