Why are we making a big deal over Trump’s s**thole comment?

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Pradip Rodrigues

By now everyone of planet earth must have heard US President Donald Trump say: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” referring to African countries and Haiti. He went on to suggest that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway.” I am sure millions of Canadians and Americans, both liberals and conservatives from all ethnic backgrounds might agree deep down but would never dare say it aloud, it is far safer to make a public show about being terribly appalled by Trump’s insensitive and racist comments because in doing so, it makes the rest of us feel moral and virtuous.

But let’s consider the reference to certain refugee and immigrant generating countries and see if the view expressed has any merit. Should President Trump have called countries like Somalia and Afghanistan s…tholes? No, perhaps he could have referred to immigrants coming in from one of many ‘Worst Countries To Live In’, lists one can find on the internet. If he used the word ‘worst’ as opposed to ‘s..thole, he would have received less flak. I mean several African nations like Somalia and Sudan feature prominently, so do countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Refugees from these countries would find it hard to describe those places any differently in their current condition. On one list India comes up at number 13 beating Pakistan which features at number 5. Needless to say, immigrants and refugees pour out of these countries in far greater numbers than countries like Germany and Italy. Yet, in the post-World War 2 years, Canada and the US received tens of thousands of Germans and other Europeans who were fleeing their devastated countries reduced to rubble. US President Trump would have no doubt referred to them as s…tholes for lack of a better word (in his limited vocabulary) nonetheless he wouldn’t be too off the mark because those countries were in terrible condition, reduced to rubble and had to be re-built and become magnets for immigrants and refugees from other s..tholes. These countries didn’t rebuild themselves, it was its citizens with outside aid that worked hard to rebuild. On the other hand, you could pour billions of dollars into some countries and they would still be s..tholes. Many of whom describe in vivid detail the hellholes and wretchedness they experienced in the countries they left behind. Perhaps President Trump must’ve read some of those submitted documents.

Indian immigrants have and continue to immigrate to and many privately compare Canada to the villages and cities they left behind.

I mean no immigrant or refugee packs up and moves to the west if there wasn’t something lacking and they certainly would not be picking US, Europe or Canada as places to settle in if it didn’t offer a superior standard of living. Immigration itself is acknowledgment of that fact.

The mid-18th century Irish potato famine sent waves of starving Irish immigrants to the US. Upheavals in various parts of Europe prompted immigrants to leave their wretched neighborhoods and move to the new world. The poor and dispossessed in 18th century Europe perhaps lived worse than many people in India and would agree with their countries being referred to as s..tholes.
The people most offended by President Trump’s ‘s…thole’ comment are those living in glass houses and working in Ivory Towers. These aren’t the kind of people who would live in s…ty neighborhoods in Toronto, home to many former citizens of s..thole countries. Immigrants and refugees who’ve actually experienced life on the wrong side of the railway tracks really don’t care about Trump using different language to describe their former home countries. Many of the refugees have in vivid detail embellished their stories justifying why and how they escaped their ‘s…thole’ countries and ‘s…ty ruling class.

In 2016 former PM David Cameron in a moment of indiscretion described Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt” in a conversation with the Queen.

The PM was talking about an upcoming anti-corruption summit in London. Needless to say his observation caused an uproar, not because he stated a falsehood, but it was politically incorrect. Having leaders from the most corrupt nations on earth express their outrage and insist they are the solution is rather comical, don’t you think? And what is funnier is western nations continuing the charade and spending money to host such summits and dole out more aid and praising such leaders. What if you had a leader like President Trump who called out such corrupt leaders and publically list their Swiss bank accounts? Such a leader would be excoriated by the literati and other left-leaning liberals.

We complain about crooked politicians who say one thing and mean another thing. We want our politicians to be honest and politically correct. Is that really possible? If politicians spoke their minds, they’d lose elections because most people don’t have the stomach for the truth. US President Trump is not a career politician and as such has nothing to lose. He says just what’s on his mind which leaves people squirming and uncomfortable and in a perverse way is entertaining. There is a reason to check the news, because it is even more unpredictable than your favorite television show. It has more twists and turns than anything on television.

Don’t we all know someone who speaks their mind without filters? Needless to say, that is the person we actively avoid, fearing he or she might rip off that mask and expose that carefully cultivated image. Well, we have such a person currently in the White House tweeting about uncomfortable truths that many have simply come to believe are lies. Instead of being outraged constantly, we would be better off ignoring many of President Trump’s comments or simply shrugging it off or even laughing it off. In the case of the ‘s..thole’ comment, I would have suggested shrugging it off.

I for one wish there were more political leaders in the world who would speak their minds and let their actions be louder than their empty words. Having said that I’d wish US President Trump used more euphemisms and tweeted less, but I suspect the news cycle would become bland and boring and most of us would miss those ‘awful’ tweets from a racist President. Having Trump say all the politically incorrect things gives the rest of us at different times the joy of hearing our views and thoughts expressed openly because if any of us had to express anything Trump says, whether we are in business, show biz or just mere employees, we’d quickly find out that that was a career limiting move. – CINEWS

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