Why blame Priyanka for charging Rs15 crore for Assam tourism drive?

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Priyanka…Face of Assam tourism.

Actress Priyanka Chopra is reported to have charged Rs 15 crore for 10 days shoot for Assam government to be the face of their tourism campaign, ‘Awesome Assam’.

The state government reason for selecting her as their face is likely to boost the image due to her international star status.

Many have lashed out at Priyanka for charging such excessive fees especially when the state is reeling under major financial crisis and is struggling to cope after being hit with one of the worst floods sometime ago.

Does the actress have to take the blame for that when the move comes from the top decision makers in the state government? On the other hand, do Hollywood actresses come cheap!

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Two months ago, the governor had said there is enormous stress on the state finances and is not in a position to satisfy its budgetary demands. “It can barely meet its basic commitments like salaries, pension,” he said.

May be, improved tourism will be able to inject some life into Assam economy depending on a boost by promoting its pristine natural beauty and wildlife globally. – CINEWS

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