Why can’t Justin Trudeau be US President, asks Rolling Stone magazine

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A month before Canada holds crucial NAFTA talks with the US, the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine features a cover story on PM Justin Trudeau that Conservatives say could jeopardise those talks.

‘Why can’t he be our President’?’ is the cover headline.

Rolling Stone, the American magazine better known as a music and pop culture magazine, is playing what sounds like music to the ears of Liberals across Canada who are thrilled that Canada through PM Trudeau is getting such visibility after decades of being ignored or simply existing in the shadow of the USA.

The Conservatives not surprisingly aren’t impressed by the magazine asking rhetorically the question “Is Canada’s prime minister the free world’s best hope?”

Critics dismiss the piece as nothing more than a dose of extreme puffery. The lengthy feature goes on to dub him as “The North Star.”

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The lengthy cover story talks about his early childhood then goes on to dwell on his sartorial elegance, his views on women, Muslims and other hot-button issues.

Of course there is the usual comparison with President Trump and naturally PM Trudeau wins by a large margin.

“Justin Trudeau is trying to Make Canada Great Again. He is using, let us say, different methods,” writes Stephen Rodrick, an American journalist and author who regularly covers politics.

Lisa Raitt says the Prime Minister’s magazine appearance is far more damaging to NAFTA talks than Conservatives’ recent campaign criticizing the Omar Khadr settlement.

There are those who point out that PM Justin Trudeau has been thrust in the spotlight only because it is President Trump in the White House and not Hillary Clinton.

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It is unlikely the Rolling Stones fawning cover story of PM Justin Trudeau could jeopardize NAFTA talks, but it could arouse some negative reaction down the line from President Trump especially if there are constant comparisons being made between him and PM Trudeau.

Meanwhile Canadians have mixed reactions about this new found American attraction for Canada starting with our PM. It is nice for the country to be basking in the sunlight after being stuck in the shadows for so long. – CINEWS

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