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Why Cheryl Tweedy is upset with ex-partner Liam Payne

London, Oct 24 (IANS) English singer and television celebrity Cheryl Tweedy is reportedly upset with ex-partner, pop star Liam Payne, for declaring that she was the controlling force during their relationship.

Liam’s claim about Cheryl came when he was discussing their relationship on the podcast “Table Manners”.

“She feels Liam is being really unfair painting her as a controlling figure in his life,” a source told new! magazine, according to the website “”.

In the podcast Liam also said that while in a relationship the pair “rubbed off on each other in a bad way”.

Not surprising, Cheryl is not amused by Liam’s observations.

“She admits she was very clear about what she expected from Liam during the relationship, and even after it, because she felt she had a right to expect certain behaviours from him for the sake of bringing up a child as a united force. But she never bullied him or tried to stifle his ambitions,” the source added.

“She is really upset because the one thing she has always shown Liam is loyalty and all she wanted was the same back,” the source further said, adding that all Cheryl always wanted was a good life for her son Bear.

“She wants a nice, stable environment for Bear, but at the same time she feels she is always the one who bites her tongue and has to be the bigger person,” said the source.




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