Why director used slow motion shots for ‘The Girl…’?

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Los Angeles, Oct 11 (IANS) For “The Girl on the Train”, director Tate Taylor has incorporated some slow motion shots to make actress Emily Blunt’s performance in the thriller, more realistic and believable.

Blunt plays an alcoholic named Rachel in the movie, which is an adaptation of Paula Hawkin’s bestseller novel of the same name.

Taylor has made use of the step fronting technology, in order to add depth to screenplay and emphasize on the various character traits exhibited by Blunt.

Speaking about the technology, Taylor said in a statement: “It’s called step fronting. They weren’t done in the past, it was just kind of adding to the idea that is she drunk right now? Is this a true memory? Or boy, this is profoundly affecting her and this is giving us an insight into her real pain.

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“It’s a device that is delivered and pre-planned.”

The film, produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment, features Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett and Justin Theroux, apart from Blunt, in key roles.

It will release in India on October 14.



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