Why do people go missing?

Toronto, October 9 (CINEWS): Every other day, police put out press releases and other alerts about missing people. Sometimes hours later another press release is put out reassuring all concerned that the person was located.
This week Komathy Ratnasingam, 36, was reported missing. She was last seen on Sunday, October 4, 2015, at approximately 7 p.m., in the Finch Avenue West/Keele Street area.missing-person-03
The press release stated that the police are naturally concerned for her well-being.
Sometimes there are elderly Alzheimer patients who go out wandering and get lost, other times it is an infant who walks out an open door into danger but very often the person who gets reported missing does so quite intentionally. He or she wanted to get away from a bad or stressful situation and the people who report them missing usually know the reason they went missing in the first place.
The police do not give details about why the person left or what happens to the person when they get delivered back to the people who may love them, that is open to speculation.
Oftentimes teenagers run away from home, sometimes they plan on eloping with their lovers or are simply rebelling against excessive parental control. Other times, mentally and physically abused adults hit the road in sheer desperation. Thankfully these people get found safe and sound in most instances, but the issue sometimes is will they continue to be safe in the very homes they fled?
According to one social worker on condition of anonymity, the number of South Asian women and teenagers who run away have often to do with the problems they face in the home. “Instead of reporting the abuse or seeking help, they run away and put themselves in even more danger. Sometimes they end up in shelters but if they are new immigrants they are not sure who to turn to. In fact a social organization should be brought in to counsel the family and the person who ran away. Simply returning the missing person back to the family without insisting they get help or professional counseling does not help deal with the real issue,” she said.
Domestic abuse of women and authoritarian style of parenting are often two common reasons why South Asian women and teenage children run away from home. These are two issues that is rarely talked about, until there is a tragedy or someone goes missing.

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