Why Leonardo DiCaprio ate `raw` Bison liver

Johannesburg, Dec 18(ANI): To bring his role as an 1820s fur trapper to life in the upcoming movie ‘The Revenant,’ Leonardo DiCaprio chowed down a raw piece of bison’s liver, though he didn’t enjoy it much.

According to the 41-year-old actor, the balloon-like membrane around the liver was the bad part because “When you bite into it, it bursts in your mouth,” Channel24 reported.

Director of the movie Alejandro G. Inarritu was worried that the raw liver would make the ‘Titatnic’ star ill, but instead it added a lot to the star’s performance.

In the movie, the ‘Inception’ actor portrays bearded fur trapper Hugh Glass, who sets out on a path of vengeance against his hunting team, who left him to die after a bear mauling.

DeCaprio joked that the bushy beard was like a wife because he had it for so long.(ANI)

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