Why NDP’s Tom Mulcair has ‘won’

Ottawa, October 30 (CINEWS): NDP caucus is now made up of 44 MPs, including 16 new members. That’s down from 95 in the previous Parliament, with high-profile MPs such as Paul Dewar, Megan Leslie, Peggy Nash and Peter Stoffer losing their seats to Liberals.ndp-tom-mulcair-speech
Stephen Harper’s government,” Mulcair said. “I am very satisfied, and it is my main consolation … that we were able to defeat Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.”
In NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s first post-election interview with The Canadian Press, said his principled approach on the niqab issue was one of the defining moments of his political career. It cost him a lot of crucial support which would’ve resulted in him winning more seats in parliament, instead the NDP now finds itself with just 44 MP down from 95.
Furthermore the NDP has lost its official opposition status and has been relegated to third place. All this should have made Mr Mulcair tug at his beard in despair. Far from it, he has achieved something he set out to do right from the start- get rid of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Bravo!

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