Why persecuting the ‘persecutor’ race roils race relations

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By Pradip Rodrigues

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to speak at length with a South Asian taxi driver who owns and operates a taxi in Toronto who was all praise for whites. Only a day earlier I had encountered a verbally militant millennial who blamed most of ills plaguing the planet on the white race, from climate change to poverty to global unrest. She put it all on the white man’s tab.
I’ve spoken to hard working immigrants who didn’t go to college who tend to praise the white man especially as customers and clients and I’ve noticed that those holding college degrees are the most anti-white.

I am beginning to think there is a co-relation between the rise in racism and the attacks on whites by academicians and their millennial students who are in over-drive when it comes to launching attacks against western civilization for everything from ‘institutionalized racism’, historical sins, genocide, colonialism and every possible ill that exists on the planet. And while there is truth and evidence that points to westerners being guilty of the said crimes, casting all whites as racists for the faults often made by their fore-fathers is unfair.

Western civilization is under attack from within, those leading the attacks happen to be liberal white academicians who seem to go out of their way to inform students how awful their race really is. The liberal dominated Hollywood and the media slant the news and storylines to portray ethnic minorities as victims. Anyone who dares point out that things western civilization has contributed to the world be it the internet or the airplane or hundreds of inventions in the world of medicine, communications and the things we take for granted is painted as a horrible racist.

Anyone attempting to change the narrative that portrays the white race as a bunch of evil monsters and every other race victims and survivors of white colonialism and genocide are attacked verbally or physically and in all probability they will suffer professionally for their ‘odious’ views even if there is a shred of truth in it.

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Recently popular investor Marc Faber, author of the “Gloom Boom & Doom Report” newsletter, wrote in his most recent edition that he was glad the U.S. had been founded and ruled by white people rather than black people.

His words: “And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority,” Faber wrote in the newsletter.

In another age his thoughts on the matter would have been debated in public and perhaps historians and other academicians could weigh in on an America or Canada that was discovered and dominated by any other race be it Chinese, Arabs, Pakistanis or even Indians.

But no, instead Marc Faber who until he aired these views, was dismissed from the boards of Canadian fund manager Sprott Inc, NovaGold Resources Inc and Ivanhoe Mines Ltd after his remarks.
Business television networks such as CNBC and Fox Business said they would remove Faber from booking lists for their shows. The thought police got him and he is persona non grata among the very people who revered him. The lesson to others who might agree with him is simply to hide their views and go along with everything politically correct.

Most whites would steer clear of even discussing Marc Faber’s views but thankfully well-educated Canadians of South Asian descent still believe in free speech and discussing such issues. One such person I spoke with about Marc Faber’s view said he was 100 percent right. This South Asian had immigrated to Canada via a country once a former British colony. His decision to immigrate was prompted when white colonialism ended and blacks took over. “If Canada was settled and dominated by any other race, it might still have been a rich country given its resources, but I am not sure it would be multicultural or democratic. If at all the country needed workers they would be brought in on contracts like the Middle East,” he said.

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Another South Asian resident of Brampton who is moving to Guelph is doing so because of the many negative things he hoped to escape when he left India are happening here and he doesn’t want his kids exposed to it. “If I wanted to live among my own people, I would have continued living in Delhi, “he said. After hearing this, it was quite clear he would not have immigrated to Canada if the whole country looked at felt like Brampton!

The taxi driver I spoke to preferred white customers because they were mostly courteous and tipped well. “Indian don’t tip and will not part with even 25 cents change,” he said.

An Indian restaurateur once told me his desi staff loved white customers and fawned all over them because they knew they’d be treated politely and would receive a generous tip for their service. South Asian customers were often unfriendly and either left a measly tip or nothing at all. Ethnic minorities, especially refugees and those at the bottom on the food chain tend to a society with a white majority rather than any other race. One restaurant owner actually found his operations become profitable after moving from Brampton to uptown Toronto.

It is likely that few South Asians would consider putting down roots in a country that was dominated culturally by any other race and political system. If hypothetically China, Malaysia or Qatar were countries offering immigration, many would prefer to work for a few years rather immigrate permanently. And that is the truth.

Marc Faber made a point that was uncomfortably true and the truth hurts. I get that, but shutting him down and anyone who dares try to point out some of the good things that the white race has achieved through the last 200 years for example would be considered a racist banished from the public sphere. And if any white person were ever to point out some of the historical sins committed by other races against other races, that would be a career limiting move. So much for democracy and free speech.

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Here in Canada, every ethnic group is coddled (only by whites) and they are exhorted and strongly encouraged to celebrate their culture and be proud of their language and traditions. Our politicians wax eloquent about the great contributions hard working immigrants make to this country which is great. But any ‘old stock’ Canadians who may want to share the role their forefathers made in settling Canada and making it one of the greatest countries on earth will be pounced upon and denounced as racist. There is no doubt mass immigration that began in 1971 under then PM Pierre Trudeau has transformed and benefited the country, some new Canadians seem to think that Canada became a first world country only in 1971 after South Asians and Asians made their presence felt, they willfully ignore the role of white settlers preferring to cast them as supporters and villains responsible for the genocide of natives. “They stole the land from native people,” thundered one new Canadian very self-righteously. That obviously didn’t stop him from immigrating to a ‘stolen land’. The same gentleman would never think about buying property he knew was stolen but has acquired a couple of properties ‘stolen’ from the natives.

It really isn’t very helpful to continue bashing whites constantly because it really makes non-whites feel and behave like self-righteous victims when most of us are not. The fact is that whites are on their way to becoming the largest minority and are in demographic retreat. There are large tracts of this country where their presence has been virtually eradicated. It will then be incumbent on the new majorities, be it South Asian or Asian to make the new minority (whites) feel comfortable and secure. Do you think that will happen when another race takes over demographically in the next 50 years? – CINEWS

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  1. I agree that the there are many conversations that are happening around whiteness and that there have been great discoveries that have been produced from wartime and colonialism.
    I do not agree with you on your assumption of those who do not attend college praise the white “man”… versus those who do attend college are anti-white. I think you need to show facts to back this up because with me being a student, I completely disagree. I also can strongly say that 90% of my classmates would also disagree that they are “Anti-white”. Many of my white professors talk about whiteness but it is not because they are putting down white people, it’s because they want to show that they are aware of their power that is just given to them rather than it be earned just based on their skin colour.
    The reason behind us having conversations around whiteness is not to put down the white race but to really understand the roots of the racism, sexism, colonialism, imperialism, and patriarchy. Unfortunately, unlike this article, there have been ton of research that has been done, histories that have been analyzed, and discussions that have happened in which they have proven that white supremacy has existed and still exists.

    When someone makes comments such as “White people tip better than Asians”, I want you to really deconstruct the demographics. Look into stats of poverty, low-income families, wages by race, etc. A lot of the times it is not that a person does not want to tip, it’s because they do not have the money to tip. Many people in the South Asian community are low-income families that are barely making it through the month compared to the white community where they have been settled in Canada for over 20-100 years.

    REALITY CHECK: AMERICAN WAS NOT FOUNDED BY WHITE PEOPLE. please… check read into the history before you put out information like this that is completely untrue… The fact that you agree with that statement is even more horrific!
    I am saddened that many Indians are coming to Canada assuming that they will be surrounded by “whites”… They need to look at their own skin, race, and have a reality check on what are they really looking for? Are they looking for white skin colours, or are they trying to say that white supremacy is true and that they are “better” than someone that has a brown skin tone?