Why Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor are not happy with with Julia?

Mumbai, November 27 (CINEWS): On the off chance that industry sources are to be trusted, then Vishal Bharadwaj’s film Rangoon was titled Julia. So why the change?saif

Turns out the men in the film — Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan — didn’t think it was a smart thought to give out the feeling that it’s a women driven film, particularly when the male characters have substantial parts. Kangana Ranaut plays a focal character in the film, that of an artist called Julia.

The film is a biopic on-screen character and stand-in Mary Evans Wadia, prevalently known as “Fearless Nadia”. It is set in the scenery of the Second World War, the period when the British Army had battled against the Indian National Army in Burma, which was known as Rangoon around then. The film is as far as anyone knows an adoration triangle where the men are indispensable to the center plot.

A source said, “Vishal had prior titled the film Julia, however, the title was making it resemble a ladies driven film. The creators imagined that individuals may get befuddled. Likewise, it was heard that both Shahid and Saif were not content with that tit.

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