Why US will not disarm IS?

By Naveen Chandra

Mississauga, December 4. 2015 (CINEWS):  Abd-al-Wahab laid the roots of Daesh when he rejected Islamic pluralism and declared war on all those who were not Salafis. Expelled from home town, he escaped to Daariya where he met in 1747 Muhammad ibn Saud who pledged full support to Wahhabism. Their violence and practices resulted in them being barred from entering rumsfeldMecca and performing Hajj. However, the friendship between Wahab and Saud flourished, strenghtend by their common hatred for other Muslims and non-Muslims.
Their alliance over generations helped the foundation of Saudi Arabia in 1932. Oil gave the House of Saud influence in the Arab world, concomitantly the fortunes of Wahhabism rose. The skyrocketing oil prices in 1973 cemented the stature of both the House of Saud and. the Wahhabis.

Unholy Alliances
The US made alliance with Saudi Arabia to counter Gamel Abdel Nasser supported by the USSR. US relied on them when in collusion with the UK they over threw a democratically elected Mosaddegh in Iran and installed the repressive Shah. The friendship saw another application in Afghanistan that resulted in the expulsion of Russians from that country. The deterioration in Afghanistan can be traced to this unholy alliance of the US, the UK, the Saudis and the Wahhabis.
On the oil front a strong relationship emerged between the Bush family and the House of Saud which translated into a complex web of relationships between the US government, Saudi Government, Bush family, Saudi family, bin Laden family and Taliban over a period of 30 years preceding 9/11. What was the wisdom of attacking Iraq in a 500 billion dollar war to overthrow a once puppet installed by themselves when 15 of 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? Why did Bush agree with the Saudis not to have the FBI interview the friends and families of the hijackers? Michael Moore in his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 alleges, “…… the United States government evacuated 24 members of the bin Laden family on a secret flight shortly after the attacks, without subjecting them to any form of interrogation”. Bob Graham a former Senator of Florida puts it this way in an interview with Amy Goodman, “whether these 19 hijackers were operating alone or whether they had a support network that assisted them and gave them anonymity…… there was a wealthy Saudi family living in a gated community near Sarasota, which had numerous contacts with Mohammed Atta, leader of the hijackers, and two others who were doing their pilot training near Sarasota. We also know that this family left the United States under what appeared to be very urgent circumstances on August 30, 2001, just before 9/11.”

Trail of destruction
After destroying Iraq Bush left and a new President assumed power in Washington. In a phony TV audience the world saw, allegedly bin Laden killed by Navy Seals in Pakistan whose government allegedly did not know bin Laden was in their country. Where was bin Laden during the preceding 10 year period? Following their withdrawal in 2011, Americans saw the formation of IS from the al- Qaida supported by the well trained Sunni soldiers of Saddam’s army who were unemployed and looking for action. Did the CIA not foresee this event? Did the US try to stop it? Did they foment it? IS soon occupied one third of Iraq and one third of Syria. Then they shot down a Russian plane and attacked Paris. This later is interpreted as war and the NATO is bombing IS positions inside Syria. Remember more people were killed, more property was damaged – nobody said Saudi Arabia attacked the US and 9/11 was an act of war. When a Sunni ruler was terrorizing Shia, Saudis and Whhabis did not mind. But when an Alawite terrorizes Sunnis, Wahhabis want retribution, and the US supports them.
Steven R. Hurst, Nov.23, 2015, says, “Military and intelligence experts had said, before the airliner bombing, that Russia had primarily targeted opponents of Syrian leader Bashar Assad who are not allied with IS but deeply involved in the civil war, fighting to overthrow Assad. The Obama administration insists Assad must be removed. Russia and Iran say he must be part of a political solution, at least temporarily. Regional powers Saudi Arabia and Turkey want him gone.”

Deceit and hypocrisy
In a November 24th piece in the Times of India, titled Road to Islamic State was paved by America’s Faustian bargain with Saudi Wahhabism, Sameer Arshad wrote, “Besides waging destabilizing, unjust wars and propping up despotic regimes in the Muslim world, it [the US] bears responsibility for planting cancer, which Daesh or the so-called Islamic State (IS) is a symptom of, in the process.”
“The level of damage that has been done by the United States in Iraq and the civil war in Syria is probably irreparable,” said Wayne Merry, senior associate at the American Foreign Policy Council. The US is grabbing whatever morsels Wahhabis are throwing at them without a proactive policy – Saddam for FBI investigation, bin Laden for the formation of IS (both occurred in 2011), Assad for Saddam – these are humiliating tradeoffs coming at the times chosen by the bad guy.
Did the attack on Paris force the US to wake up? Will the US do anything to upset the House of Saud? They support Wahhabi position of removing Assad – a price demanded by the Sunnis for the hanging of Saddam, a Sunni. Will the world see IS establishing an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria and beyond fulfilling a three century dream of Abd-al-Wahab and Muhammad ibn Saud? Ꮠ

(Naveen Chandra: Ph.D in Physics from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1969. Physicist and Educator. Author of children science books, freelance journalist, researcher, speaker. Teleguwriter of stories, poems and essays.)

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    A very complex web of deceit and opportunism.

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    If they disarm IS, whom they will sale arms?

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