Will Befikre’s kissing song be approved by the censors?

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Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh start it all.

When we watched Befikre’s serial kissing for the duration of the melody Labon Ka Karobaar we counted 26 kisses, beginning from the full ?blown one between Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

Censor chief Pankaj Nihalani is keeping a track of how things go. “The song Labon Ka Karobar has not come to us. It is out on the internet and therefore falls outside our purview. As for the kisses in Befikre, they have to be seen within the film context. As far as I know, Befikre is set in Paris, the city of love where public affection is normal. However as I said, we will look at the film and its content when it comes to us,” he said.

Except Vanni and Ranvir all the other kissers are foreigners and we have lot of kissing in Hollywood film being shown in India and censors might take a liberal view. We are not sure how the scissors will work in relation to the kisses exchanged by gay and lesbians couples.

By the way, when Labon Ka Karobaar is loosely translated it means ‘lip business’. Better leave this business to censors before jumping into conclusions.

Befikre, true to its name, features a  lot of kissing and Ranvir said ‘they ask me to kiss a lot’.

A news report claims the Censor Board is anticipating trouble with the upcoming Yash Raj Film.

Every poster, almost every still and every song features a kiss or kisses. 

There seems to be much concern amongst the Board members about the quantity and length of the kisses even before the final cut of Befikre has been submitted for approval.

Already the Board, under the stewardship of Pankaj Nihalani, has gained a reputation of using double standards drawing criticism from Rakhi Savant who said they are approving films after taking bribes, an allegation that has not been proved yet. She has even threatened to storm Nihalani’s house. 

Even the Censor Board members have accused Nihalani of high-handedness. A list of banned swear words was circulated, then rescinded. There was trouble over Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s lingering goodbye kiss in Tamasha and axing of kissing scenes in Bond film SPECTRE, provoking outrage. Even Jungle Boy hasn’t been spared. 

Directed by Aditya Chopra, Befikre is slated for a December 9 release. – CINEWS

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