Will PM Modi persuade ‘friend’ Sharif to act on Pathankot evidence: Congress

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New Delhi, Jan. 13 (ANI): Following Islamabad’s sluggish pace on acting on the evidence providence provided by India in the Pathankot attack, the Congress on Wednesday asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi will persuade his Pakistani counterpart and ‘friend’ Nawaz Sharif to take concrete action against the ‘provable’ information.

“Will Modi ji persuade his friend Nawaz Sharif to take decisive, timely and concrete action against the provable evidence which reflects a complicity in terrorism in Pakistan? How does he propose to protect India’s internal and external security including our missions?” Congress leader Randeep Surjewala told ANI.

Branding the Pathankot attack as a failure by the Centre, he added that the terror strike also indicated towards intelligence failure and raised serious concerns over internal security and the Centre’s failure to fight and tackle terrorists.

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He also pointed out the conflicting stands being taken by the government over the policies regarding Pakistan.

“One one side, the Defence Minister says that ‘pain must be inflicted on those who hurt us’ but Home Minister Rajnath Singh says he completely trust Pakistan and there is no reason to distrust them. Which one is true Modi ji and when will you take a decisive action against terrorism?” Surjewala added.

Earlier, Parrikar had taken an offensive stand and said that incidents such as the Pathankot terror attack would continue to take place till the time the terror groups and attackers are not made to feel the pain which they inflict on others.

“What I am saying is that history tells you that those who damage you, if they don’t realise the pain they inflict, they don’t change,” he said.

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However, Rajnath took a passive stand and expressed confidence that Pakistan will come through in the investigations in the Pathankot attack and said that Islamabad should be given more time to take concrete action.

“Pakistan government has assured that they will be taking swift action in the Pathankot attack probe. I think we should give them more time. Moreover, there is no reason to doubt Pakistan’s assurance,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Congress has been attacking the ‘soft’ stand taken by the Centre towards Islamabad especially over the Pathankot attack and have said that the government was not bringing Pakistan’s role in the terror strike onto the international arena strongly enough.(ANI)

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