Will Trump’s economic interests in India influence his foreign policy?

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If Donald Trump becomes the next American President, will his considerable investments in real estate overseas, including India complicate America’s foreign policy? This is a question on many minds. In India, Trump has economic interests in two cities, Pune and Gurgaon.

In its cover story on Trump’s investments in properties overseas, Newsweek said that as the Republican National Convention+ was about to get underway in July, the Trump Organization declared it was planning a massive expansion in India.

“That is a chilling example of the many looming conflicts of interest in a Trump presidency,” the weekly noted.

“If he plays tough with India, will the government assume it has to clear the way for projects in that ‘aggressive pipeline’ and kill the investigations involving Trump’s Pune partners? And if Trump takes a hard line with Pakistan, will it be for America’s strategic interests or to appease Indian government officials who might jeopardize his profits from Trump Towers Pune?” the weekly asked.

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According to the weekly, several Indian political leaders including from the both BJP and the Congress have established close relationship with the Trump family as a result of its real estate investment in Pune and Gurgaon .
Trump signed an agreement in 2011 with an Indian property developer called Rohan Lifescapes that wanted to construct a 65-storey building with his name on it. However, government regulatory hurdles came in the way and Donald Trump Jr flew to India to plead with Prithviraj Chavan, chief minister of Maharashtra, asking that he remove the hurdles, his pleas were denied. Now could a politician do the same without consulting top Indian leaders? Playing tough with Trump’s businesses could have implications, no one would want to take a chance.

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The Trump Organization has very good relations with many Indian politicians. The conflict of interests could be far greater than the Clinton Foundation. – CINEWS

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