Will Trump’s war with Amazon help or hurt Toronto’s bid?

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The war of words being unleashed by US President Donald Trump against Amazon, the online giant could be a factor that could work in Toronto’s favor or against it.

Toronto is the only non-American city on the short list for its second headquarters.

There are 19 U.S. city competitors, but it remains to be seen if Amazon’s Jeff Bezos would choose Toronto and risk the wrath of President Trump.

If Amazon decides to put down roots in Toronto, it could cause an unpredictable backlash against both Amazon and Canada.

If Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos opts for Toronto, “he might be goaded into it a little bit” by Trump, said Sean Mullin, executive director of the Toronto-based Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship— though, don’t expect Bezos, who has been mostly mum in the face of Trump’s attacks, to be quite so forthright.

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Picking Toronto over one of the other American cities will quite possibly play into President Trump’s charge of big business creating jobs outside the US.

On the other hand, Amazon is under sustained attack and may be better off diversifying their risks by setting up a second headquarters in Toronto.

But there is also the possibility that if all things are equal, Amazon could opt for an American city because in doing so it could placate President Trump and smooth things out. -CINEWS

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