Will you support ridesharing in Toronto?

Toronto, April 1 (CINEWS): Most cab drivers or families that depend upon cab drivers who make a living off it won’t be in a hurry to support competition, seen also to be ‘unfair’ by some.
On May 3-4, City Council will be voting on ridesharing regulations. This is the most important vote that will determine the future of ridesharing in the city.ubershare
Be prepared for a raucous debate, protests and maybe even the odd fist fight by supporters and those opposed to ridesharing.
While many progressive cities around the world have embraced ridesharing, some albeit reluctantly, what Toronto finally decides is still unclear.
Here are the facts as things stand:
Over 15,000 Toronto driver-partners use a smartphone to make extra income on their own schedule
• The accessibility community has a new affordable and reliable transportation option
• Hundreds of restaurant partners are growing their business because of platforms like UberEATS
• Carpooling is increasing and it can only be a good thing in Toronto. New products like uberPOOL and uberHOP are making that possible.
And, most importantly, it’s about making sure our loved ones have a safe ride home—anywhere, anytime.

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