Will your teen be safe behind the wheel this summer? Parents are the key!

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The non-profit, Teens Learn to Drive Inc. (TL2D) is inviting organizations to host Parents Are the Key presentations, which aim to educate parents on their new role as passenger/coach when their teens get behind the wheel this summer.

“With the sun shining and school almost out, many parents will be sliding into the passenger seat so their teens can get behind the wheel for the first time.  Most don’t realize how crucial their role as coach, protector and role model is to the future health and safety of their teen.  Crashes are still the leading cause of death and injury to teens and parents are the key to preventing them,” said Anne Marie Hayes, president and founder of TL2D, in Mississauga on Wednesday.

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Parents Are the Key, is a free interactive presentation offered by TL2D through their travelling event, the Sweet Life Road Show. The purpose of Parents Are the Key is to educate parents about how to be an effective coach while their teen is learning to drive. At events, parents will learn how to reduce the risk of crashes and promote safe driving habits for their teens.

These presentations cover various topics on how parents can prepare their teens for the road. Hayes outlined the three key responsibilities parents have when their teens take over the wheel.

“Parents’ first responsibility is to protect. They are the experienced set of eyes on the road,” says Hayes. “Their second is to act as a good role model. Teens will ultimately drive like their parents but with a lot less experience. The third responsibility is to coach. Parents need to coach their teens to maneuver safely on the road.”

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To schedule a free Parents Are the Key presentation and learn more contact Anne Marie Hayes, president and founder of Teens Learn to Drive at [email protected] 647 227-4220.

CAA is the presenting sponsor for the event.  Other partners include 407ETR and Drive For Life. In 2015, the events engaged more than 6,000 teens in over 20 Ontario high schools.

Teens Learn to Drive Inc. (TL2D) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Anne Marie Hayes. TL2D’s mission is to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities; through educational events available without charge toOntario schools and organizations. – CNW

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