‘Wine about heart and soul, not snobbery’

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New Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) Waxing lyrical about the efficacy and virtues of wine that is handily making its way into the Indian market, the Swedish brand ambassador of a leading Indian vineyard, says the beverage is not just about snobbery, which people usually associate it with.

“Drink it the way you want to drink it… Wine is about the experience, it is about heart and the soul. I don’t believe there is anything snobbish about it,” Cecilia Oldne, Vice President, Marketing and Global Brand Ambassador for Sula Vineyards, told IANS.

“You can always have a glass of wine with ice in it. It’s not something that you can’t experiment with,” she added.

“We have wines starting at Rs 200 per bottle… we are reaching out to markets to give them an opportunity to experience the beverage that triggers a sense that you wouldn’t get while opening many other bottles,” she explained.

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Oldne was here for the launch of the “Globe in a Glass” roadshow that featured 40 different wines and 20 spirits like whisky, tequila and brandy from around the world.

Oldne came to India nine years ago and feels “like a part of the wine revolution” in the country. “It has been such a great journey to have witnessed and experienced wine making inroads into Indian culture.”

She described her personal attraction to the beverage, saying: “I developed an interest in wine when I was really young as I was travelling through Europe with my parents. I felt really interested when we visited vineries and met people behind the brand. I was not given to taste it at that time.”

“They would open their bottles, the smiles on their faces really intrigued me to discover what it was all about. It’s so much more than a bottle of wine, it’s about memories and the experience,” she said.

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