Wipro to digitise personal experience with Oracle’s cloud platforms

San Francisco, Oct 27 (IANS) In line with the current cloud-based platforms that global software major Oracle is offering, Indian IT consulting and system integration services company Wipro has announced a new Experience As-A-Service (EaaS) platform that will help build a true personalised cloud environment for its customers.

Addressing the jam-packed Moscone centre here on the third day of the Oracle’s OpenWorld 2015 conference on October 27, Abid Ali Neemuchwala, group president and chief operating officer, said that at Wipro, they realise that the digital transformation is here and time has come to move into As-A-Service digital economy that Oracle is currently offering to the world.

“Our world is changing. We are turning into a download personality, especially the millennials. They are paying to buy experiences. And the new world order is all about enterprises being able to deliver experiences for immediate gratifications,” he said.

“Consumers are buying digital experiences. It is fundamentally changing our business models. The time is here to integrate the old economy model into the new economy model,” Neemuchwala added.

Traditional companies will have to shun the old world order into the new and information technology, especially the cloud applications and platforms, will make this happen, he said.

“We are simplifying legacy environments and helping our customers move into being digital. The time is to deliver the experience you want to see as the end user,” he told the gathering.

To make this happen in a better and efficient way, Wipro has a creative partnership with Oracle across its diverse cloud portfolio.

Wipro has also received the “Oracle Excellence Award” for this year for an excellent performance across the IT spectrum.

“Wipro is already a diamond partner with Oracle. In the near future, we could become a strategic partner to provide customers a real cloud experience,” Neemuchwala said.

The five-day event is witnessing some of the technology’s greatest minds brainstorm on the future of the enterprise, Oracle’s integrated cloud platform and the new era of secure computing.

The conference, which runs October 25-29, is taking place at 18 locations throughout downtown San Francisco with the iconic Moscone Centre serving as its epicentre.

Over 60,000 people including Oracle partners, customers and developers from 141 countries have gathered for the OpenWorld and JavaOne conferences.

(Nishant Arora is attending the conference in the US at the invitation of Oracle. He can be reached at nishant.a@ians.in)

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