Wiz Khalifa reveals about Kanye West’s expression of remorse taking after epic Twitter quarrel

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Los Angeles, Feburary 3 (CINEWS): Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West had a few genuine Twitter hamburger as of late, however as we probably am aware now, the greater part of that has been determined.

On Tuesday evening, Yeezus let his fans think around a little visit he had with his previous foe taking after their 140-character fight on the web, and it uncovered that the two rappers chose to squash whatever quarrel they began blending up.

“Me and Wiz talked yesterday,” he shared on online networking. “Awesome convo. All positive.” WHAT ELSE, KANYE?! No doubt, he genuinely simply left it at that, and beyond any doubt, perhaps we don’t should know specifics, however you know everybody was pondering what happened.

Fortunately, Wiz opened up somewhat more about what ran down with ‘Ye amid a meeting with Angie Martinez for Force 105.1 prior today.

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“So were you astonished by Kanye’s response that he took it so insane,” Martinez asked the 28-year-old.

“I think everyone was except it’s cool, everything’s cool, we talked it’s all great,” Wiz clarified, which incited the radio host to approach if Kanye apologized for what he said “cause he ran far with the child thing.”
Khalifa consoled everybody that West did, truth be told, apologize for what he said, and included, “I acknowledge his conciliatory sentiment.”
Talking about offering some kind of reparation, Khalifa’s ex Golden Rose likewise got together with Kim Kardashian to dispel any confusion air and whatever strain there was between them today, too. Also, the twosome made a point to unsettle the Web’s quills by posting a selfie together.
“Her and Kim talked and they’re all great, as well,” Khalifa told Martinez. “They talked and it’s all great.”
At the point when Angie expressed what the vast majority of us are considering, which is, “That is somewhat astounding, Wiz,” the rapper reacted with the ideal answer—”I’m similar to the Bounce Marley of this.”

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