Women cops increased to ensure women’s safety, says Jung

New Delhi, Nov.18 (ANI): Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on Friday said the number of women in the Delhi Police force has being enhanced considerably to make it easier for females to approach a police station and ensure their safety.

Jung said that Delhi follows a hybrid system of governance in which the Delhi Police comes under the Home Ministry.

“There was a need for change in the attitude of the police force and stepping up their competence. Efforts were being made to address the issues of security, especially safety of women. In this regard, the number of women in the police force was being enhanced considerably to make it easier for females to approach a police station. The aim is to take the number of women in the police force to one-third of the total police force,” Jung said while addressing a session at FICCI’s 88th Annual General Meeting here.

Jung further said that the culture of aggression and insensitivity towards fellow citizens that has enveloped urban people, especially those living in north India in the last few decades needs to be addressed with alacrity to make cities safe, secure and friction-free.

“A culture of intransigence can be traced to lack of classical education that instills moral values and civic responsibility amongst the citizenry. There is a need to impart classical education from the school stage itself with due emphasis on the study of philosophy that teaches us to understand the world and one another and the study of anthropology which leads to an understanding of human nature,” he said.

“Todays’ education system needs to be overhauled to enable citizens to transform their mindset, which has become skewed. The youth today lacks systematic thinking and the ability to understand issues in-depth. Education forms the moral fiber of a person hence it is essential to impart appropriate fundamentals to young boys and girls to make them sensitive towards others,” Jung added.

He called upon the captains of industry and trade to spread their CSR net wider to improve the plight of the poor in government hospitals and schools which are woefully short of basic amenities.

Speaking on the amendment of the Juvenile Act, Jung said that the Act was being revisited and deliberations were on for bringing down the age of a juvenile. The Act needs to be reassessed as it came into being long ago and now requires amendments to remain relevant in the present context. He added that the juvenile correction homes were also not functioning effectively and there was a need to see that they perform their assigned role. (ANI)

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