Women have the ‘worrying gene’, says Hillary Clinton

Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): If you are wondering why women tend to worry so much, Hillary Clinton has the answer.

Back in 2008, the 67-year-old Democratic presidential candidate was addressing the audience in a Mother’s Day speech in Grafton, West Virginia, where she said that after meeting mothers across the country, she believes that hard work, determination and resiliency were encoded in women’s DNA, the Daily Caller reported.

Speaking about the worry gene, Clinton added “we know we have the ‘worrying’ gene,” put on the coat for others, and even stand up and fight for causes, as people believe in that gene.

And she has plenty to worry about. Her ideas, strategies and choices that she has made are coming in for intense media scrutiny. And she also has to worry that she should not appear worried, as it would make her look less capable than a man.

Clinton, who’s targeting women’s issues during her campaign, has to focus on getting the balance just right. Appear efficient but not bossy. (ANI)

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