Women score over men when it comes to Google search

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New Delhi, Mar.9 (ANI): Internet giant Google has revealed that Indian women across different age groups are using the search engine more often than men.

The California-based technology giant also revealed that there are more mothers using Google search on issues ranging from beauty and fashion to health and fitness, when compared to fathers.

One in three (33 percent) women who are mothers are on the web while only one in four fathers are on the web, Google said in a statement.

“The internet is playing an incredibly important role in changing the lives of women in India. It is great to see how women are taking to the internet in greater numbers and increasing their time spent, even outpacing the time spent by men,” Google said.

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“This trend is likely to continue growing as India’s vast rural population of over 800 million comes online and experiences the power of the internet,” the company added. (ANI)

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