World Congress against death penalty in Oslo

Oslo, May 30 (IANS) Norway will host the World Congress against the death penalty in Oslo in June.

The countries still practising the death penalty and also those who have abolished this punishment will participate in the sixth World Congress that will take place between June 21 and 23, said on its website.

The congress aims to open dialogue across different positions and geographical regions, recognising that exchange is needed to move together towards more effective and more humane justice systems.

The topics like national institutions for human rights and progress and setbacks in Asia will be on the agenda this year.

Other important topics such as death penalty and terrorism, minorities and psychological health will be discussed by about 1,300 participants from over 80 countries.

The fight against the death penalty is a high political priority for Norway, and the country plays an active role in the international efforts to abolish it, a statement on the site said.



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