World should be made aware of climate justice: PM

New Delhi, Sep 15 (IANS) The world is well aware of the challenge of climate change and needs to be made aware about the principle of climate justice, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday.

Modi met the heads of delegations of Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDCs), here for a two-day meeting in the run-up to CoP-21 or the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, scheduled later this year.

“Interacting with the delegates, the prime minister emphasized that the world, which is now well aware of the challenge of climate change, also needs to be made aware about the principle of climate justice,” a PMO release said.

Modi said there was a need to counter the atmosphere being created by certain groups, including those in developing countries, that development and growth were enemies of the environment – and all those who pursue development and growth were therefore guilty.

He said that the world needs to be convinced that developing countries were not enemies of environment.

Modi suggested that there should be a common school syllabus on environmental subjects across the world, both in developed and developing countries, so that the younger generation grows up with common goals in the battle against climate change.

He laid emphasis on the need for the developed world to fulfil its commitments on sharing clean technology, and providing financial assistance to help the developing world combat climate change while also simultaneously meeting its legitimate development aspirations.

The prime minister said that the developed countries should have targets for emission cuts and developing countries should work on initiatives towards renewable energy and green buildings, while also calling for a change in lifestyle to reduce energy consumption.

He said India stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the LMDCs on climate issues. Environment and Forests Minister Prakash Javadekar, was also present during the interaction, the release said.

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