World’s first self-optimizing WiFi router released

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — PORTAL, a new generation of consumer WiFi router from Ignition Design Labs, is now available for pre-order sales on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. The PORTAL home network system offers superior access speed, reliability and complete home coverage, giving consumers the ultimate wireless Internet experience — eliminating dead spots and buffering — even in the most congested urban environments.

PORTAL was engineered for demanding urban users and tough crowded environments. Patented technologies enable PORTAL to access special protected fast channels not available to traditional consumer routers. In high congestion settings such as city homes and multi-unit apartments, this can mean radically faster Internet speeds and improved coverage versus traditional routers – giving consumers lag-free gaming and smooth, fast 4K video streaming throughout the home.

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“WiFi is at the heart of our everyday Internet experience, but it’s slowing down and becoming less reliable as more people and devices crowd the shared airways,” said Terry Ngo, CEO and Co-Founder of Ignition Design Labs. “We also designed PORTAL with smarts and the ability to learn; to automatically configure itself, continuously optimize itself to changing conditions and actively protect itself from interference and intruders.”

“As engineers, we’re passionate about technology and beautiful design. We’ve been together for nearly a decade building high-performance WiFi solutions for some of the most iconic names in consumer electronics,” said Johnny Cheng, VP of Engineering and Co-Founder of Ignition Design Labs. “But the existing technology was never good enough for us. That’s why we built PORTAL.”

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Earlier this year, PORTAL completed a crowdfunding campaign raising $1 million from over 6,000 enthusiastic backers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan.

PORTAL introduces three ground-breaking technologies to disrupt the staid and stagnant home wireless networking industry:

  • FASTLANES™ A multi-channel zero-wait DFS technology that provides access to multiple uncrowded fast channels in the radar-protected portions of the 5GHz spectrum; yielding between 3x and 5x more wireless capacity than conventional retail routers today;
  • SMARTLANES™ A wide-area self-optimizing network technology utilizing active traffic and interference avoidance that automatically configures your network, and dynamically steers your devices to the optimum fast lane channels to give your devices fast, consistent and more reliable Wi-Fi access;
  • NETWORK AUTOPILOT A family of advanced technologies available soon including adaptive auto-mesh enabling multiple PORTALs to be bridged together both wirelessly and wired for extended coverage. Also, intelligent network steering ensures your smart devices seamlessly transition between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks and roam between multiple access points, plus active intrusion detection and rolling code guest networking for secure no-touch guest access.
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These leaps in technology innovation earned PORTAL two Best of Show awards and other industry accolades at CES 2016.

Pricing and Availability
PORTAL is available on Amazon Prime for $199. The device is expected to begin shipping from Amazon in early November.

About Ignition Design Labs
Silicon Valley-based Ignition Design Labs is a veteran team of wireless networking engineers developing radically new technologies at the heart of the next generation Internet of Things. – PRNewswire

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