World’s only racing car BAC Mono to hit public roads soon

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New Delhi, Feb.3 (ANI): The world’s only single-seat racing car built to run on public roads is all set to make debut in China soon.

Described as the ultimate road beast, the 274 kilometres an hour BAC Mono will hit the road in either Beijing or Shanghai in the coming months, Xinhua news agency reported.

“We will wait until the Spring Festival is over so we are looking at the end of March, but certainly in the coming months. At the moment we are looking at Beijing and Shanghai. Details of locations are currently being finalised,” co-founder and product development director Neill Briggs said.

“This car is aimed at a niche market, as an accessory, just as a Rolex watch would be. Although we have described it as the ultimate formula racing car for the road, it is incredibly easy to drive. If you can drive a car, you will easily be able to handle the BAC Mono. It would be great if we found our first female customer in China. There are many self-made business people who would love to own this kind of car,” Briggs added. (ANI)

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