World’s smallest diode paves way for molecular electronics

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Washington D.C, April 6 (ANI): Using single molecule of DNA, a team of researchers has created the world’s smallest diode.

Researchers at the University of Georgia and Ben-Gurion University in Israel have demonstrated for the first time that nanoscale electronic components can be made from single DNA molecules. Their study represents a promising advance in the search for a replacement for the silicon chip.

The finding may eventually lead to smaller, more powerful and more advanced electronic devices, according to lead author, Bingqian Xu.

“For 50 years, we have been able to place more and more computing power onto smaller and smaller chips, but we are now pushing the physical limits of silicon,” said Xu. “If silicon-based chips become much smaller, their performance will become unstable and unpredictable.”

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To find a solution to this challenge, Xu turned to DNA. He says DNA’s predictability, diversity and programmability make it a leading candidate for the design of functional electronic devices using single molecules.

Xu said that the discovery can lead to progress in the design and construction of nanoscale electronic elements that are at least 1,000 times smaller than current components.

The research team plans to continue its work, with the goal of constructing additional molecular devices and enhancing the performance of the molecular diode.

The study is published in the journal Nature Chemistry. (ANI)

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